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SIGUA code: 0015P1053

Capacity: 20 seats

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  • Whiteboard
  • Desktop computer
  • Internet connection
  • Video projector
  • Room Speakers


  • The responsible teacher must leave the classroom in the same conditions in which it was found, and must pay special attention to the arrangement of the furniture, cleaning slates and shutdown of computer and audiovisual equipment. If you repeatedly violate these terms, may be denied the use of the room for a period of time.
  • The keys of access to the rooms must be deposited in the box of keys in the common secretariat area. If access is not available, may place them in the mailbox existing next to the entry of the stay, provided that in the quadrant there a user later that same day, in which case should give them in hand. In no case the responsible teacher must take the keys with you or take them to another different place once finished the period of use of the room.
  • Any damage or incident warned in the condition of the material and equipment of the rooms that prevents its correct use, must be reported immediately to the management of the Department staff.


  • Preferred activities: Meetings, conferences, institutional acts, academic courts, not official teaching, courses and seminars, official exams
  • Other compatible uses: Working in teaching and research groups, group teaching activities (tutorials, reviews)

Note: If you need is a certain room for a preferred activity and be previously reserved for an activity not included as preferred, non-preferential activity can be changed location or even cancelled if there were no spaces available, always and when reserve preferential activity communicate and authorize at least one working day in advance


IMPORTANT: If you finally do not need a booked timeslot, please tell us as soon as possible so that others can enjoy it

Department of Civil Engineering

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