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Welcome to the website of the Department of Civil Engineering. This page aims to make available to the entire university academic community, research, administrative and information services that may be of interest, and to promote interaction between all its members to build a genuine platform of support and visibility of its lines of work.


The Department is part of the School of Engineering and it's located on the first floor of EPS Building II (university building 15).

It also has rooms for associate teachers office horus on the 2nd floor of the former Colegio Mayor Universitario(university building 29)

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Currently, the department is divided into the following Knowledge Areas:

  • Construction Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Infrastructure and Transport Engineering
  • Continuum Mechanics and Theory of Structures

The Department teaches in the following degrees:

  • Undergraduate degrees: Architecture; Marine Sciences; Civil Engineering; Building Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Robotic Engineering
  • Postgraduate degrees: Civil Engineering; Geological Engineering; Materials, Water and Soil Engineering; Building Management; Chemical engineering; Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism; Sustainable Management and Water Technologies; Planning and Management of Natural Hazards
  • Degrees in extinction (1st and 2nd cycle): Architecture; Technical Architecture; Civil Engineering; Geological Engineering; Chemical engineering; Public Works engineering; Marine Sciences

The Department has several Research groups, groups of innovation Tecnologico-educativa (GÎTE) and associated research units. All of them play an intense work in research and innovation in the areas of knowledge of the Department.

Is also responsible for the PhD programme in Engineering of materials, structures and terrain: sustainable building

Department of Civil Engineering

Universidad de Alicante
Carretera de San Vicente del Raspeig s/n
03690 San Vicente del Raspeig
Alicante (Spain)

Tel: (+34) 96 590 3707

Fax: (+34) 96 590 3678



For further information:, and for enquiries on this web server:

Carretera San Vicente del Raspeig s/n - 03690 San Vicente del Raspeig - Alicante - Tel. 96 590 3400 - Fax 96 590 3464