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Course CECLEC 20 hours / 2 credits of free election


Of the Monday 27 February to the Thursday 1 March 2012, of 15.30 to 20.30 h.


Living room of Acts of the Upper Polytechnical School. Polytechnical building I (see plane of situation)


  • Students of the UA and professional in situation of unemployment*: 35 EUR
  • Professionals in active: 50 EUR

* To accredit the situation of student of the UA or unemployed, the interested will have to contribute in the moment to effect the matrícula the official documentation (original and copy) that accredit such condition so that it can him apply the tax reduced of matrícula.


Minimum 15 - Maximum 30 (will respect the order of registration)

The number of places has been increased to 60 due to the existing demand


The Geological Engineering is a discipline that in the last years has had a big development, had to largely to that has configured a normative panorama in which the studies geotécnicos are prescriptive in the process constructive. The geological singularity of the Canarian Archipelago, of volcanic nature, his lejanía and his small surface with regard to the peninsular territory, does that, in the majority of the occasions, do not collect the appearances referred to the properties of the terrain in the instructions and codes that dictate on a national scale, remaining some lagunas interpretative that it has to sortear the Canarian professional, many times without success.

On the other hand, the hydrology in the archipelago conditions all the types of aprovechamientos hydraulic that exist, even the no conventional like the desalación, know these processes, serves of useful tool to the hour of taking of decisions in the hydraulic planning of the islands. The traditional systems of aprovechamiento of the resources hídricos conviven and complement with the systems of desalación, fully adapted to the problematic of the insular water.

This course contributes to improve the flow of scientific information-technical between the professionals of the sector, students of civil engineering, mining and geological to endow him of the necessary tools to tackle the problems of índole geotécnica and hidrogeológica in volcanic means, that alas does not resolve the national rule at present in force.

During the course will tackle of intensive form appearances of the Civil and Geological Engineering applied to terrains and volcanic islands.


  • Know the volcanic processes linked to the construction of infrastructures.
  • Know the hydrological cycle in a volcanic island.
  • Know the most usual materials in volcanic terrains and his applications.
  • Know the principles of the hidrogeología of volcanic terrains and his application in the aprovechamiento of the resources hídricos.
  • Know essays and the characterisation geomecánica of volcanic materials.
  • Know the aprovechamientos and singular hydraulic works in volcanic terrains.
  • Know the units geotécnicas in volcanic means.
  • Know the principles of management and hydrological planning in terrains archipelagos.
  • Know the singularities of the recognitions geotécnicos.
  • Know the singularities of the systems of resources hídricos Canarians, from the traditional systems, going through the no conventional like the desalación and the reuse and finalising by the future combinations (central hidroeólicas reversible) between the binomial waters and energy.
  • Know the Guide of planning of studies geotécnicos for edificación in volcanic terrains (GETCAN-11).


  • Unit 0: Presentation of the course and his aims
  • Unit 1: Materials and volcanic structures
  • Unit 2: Hidrogeología of volcanic terrains
  • Unit 3: Works and aprovechamientos hydraulic in volcanic terrains
  • Unit 4: Litotipos volcanic: characterisation geomecánica
  • Unit 5: Technicians of recognition geotécnico
  • Unit 6: mining Technicians in volcanic terrains
  • Unit 7: Guide of planning of studies geotécnicos for edificación in volcanic terrains (GETCAN-11)
  • Unit 8: Planning and management of the resources hídricos and energetic in islands and volcanic terrains
  • Unit 9: Evaluation and closure of the course


The structure of the course and the different session schedule is as follows:

Schedule Monday 27 February Tuesday 28 February Wednesday 29 February Thursday 1 March
15:30 h
18:00 h
Materials and volcanic structures Works and aprovechamientos hydraulic in volcanic terrains Technicians of recognition geotécnico Guide of planning of studies geotécnicos for edificación in volcanic terrains (GETCAN-11)
Speaker Luis And. Hernández Juan C. Santamarta Luis And. Hernández Luis And. Hernández
18:00 h
20:30 h
Hidrogeología Of volcanic terrains Litotipos Volcanic: characterisation geomecánica Mining technicians in volcanic terrains Planning and management of the resources hídricos and energetic in islands and volcanic terrains
Speaker Juan C. Santamarta Luis And. Hernández Juan C. Santamarta Juan C. Santamarta


  • Presentations supported in computer means
  • Exhibitions and case study
  • Debate with the alumnado


It will do delivery to the students of diverse documentation in electronic format (including the material employed in the presentations) in the following books of reports:

  • Systems of hydric resources in islands and volcanic soils
  • Geological and Geotechnic Engineering in volcanic soils


To obtain the positive evaluation of the course will be indispensable:

  • Assistance to a minimum of 80% of the hours lectivas
  • Surpass a proof of evaluation that will effect at the end of the course


  • Dr. Juan Carlos Santamarta Cerezal

Doctor by the Polytechnical University of Madrid (ETSICCP, hydraulic and energetic program). Engineer of Mountains by the UPM. Technical engineer of Public Works by the ETSICI of the ULL (esp. Hydrology). Máster University in Engineering of the Water by the University of Seville. MBA In Management of SMEs by the School of Industrial Organisation (EOI). Professor associated of the University of The Laguna, professor of postgrado of the University of Azores and of the University of Seville. It has been director of 23 university courses, national and international between which find , the courses interdisciplinares, of university extension and courses of the universities of insular summer, in all they having expert to national and international level in hydraulic and energetic matter. It has given in the order of 70 seminars and conferences, on the waters, energies and R&D, in national and international institutions of which stand out, the University of Florida (USE), the course ATHENS (ETSICCP-UPM) in Researching, Managing and Operation on Ground Water. As well as in practically all the schools of civil engineering and miner of the country. To level of investigation belongs to the group of scientific work experts of the EUROPEAN action COST Action FP0601 Forest management and the Water Cycle, realising several publications in international congresses, magazines and chapters of books. It has participated in four initiatives and European projects of R&D, inside the Technological Institute of Canaries, where belonged to his department of Innovation and Economy in Network. It directs the group of investigation DEVISES, Geological Engineering, Innovation and Waters of the University of The Laguna. It collaborates like revisor technical of the International magazine European Journal of Forest Research,

Editor and co-author of the following books. Resources Hídricos in terrains and volcanic islands and the manual Forest Technicians in insular means. Methods and Experiences in Canaries. To professional level, compatibilizándolo with the educational activity is consultor of technical projects and of R&D for the Public Administration and the private company in the sectors of the water, energies and civil construction. It belongs to the following associations, from the year 2006 to the Spanish Society of Forest Sciences, participating in the group of investigation of forest hydrology, also in the year 2006, invited to form part of the International School of the Water of Andalucia. To level of R&D, accredited like educational of the program of Agents of the R&D for the Government of Canaries and like consultor accredited in business strategy and echo-innovation by the School of Industrial Organisation of Madrid. Dean of the School of Engineers of Mountains of the Canary Islands. Manager of the Centre of Documentation and Investigation Applied On the Water in Canaries. Member of the Real Sociedad Economic of Friends of the Country of Tenerife. At present director of 2 theses doctorales. It has directed 5 projects of educational innovation in technical areas.

  • D. Luis Enrique Hernández Gutiérrez

Graduate in Geology by the University of Granada (1986-1991); Diploma of Studies Advanced (DEA), University of The Laguna (2002-2005). Boss of Section of Geotecnia, Government of Canaries. Director of projects on properties geomecánicas of volcanic materials of Canaries; director of the project “Maps Geotécnicos of Canaries”. Coordinator and director of the Guide of Studies Geotécnicos for Edificación in Canaries (next publication). Diverse articles in national and international congresses and articles in books and national and foreign magazines. Editor of the book Volcanic Rocks Mechanics (2010, Taylor and Francis Group, London, ISBN 978-0-415-58478-4). Member of the scientific committee of the 2nd International Workshop on Volcanic Rocks celebrated in the Islands Azores, Portugal (2007). Member of the committee organiser and scientific committee of the VII Geological Congress of Spain (2008). President of the 3rd International Workshop on Volcanic Rocks, Tenerife, Tenerife, June of 2010. Member of the committee organiser of the congress Cities on Volcanoes 6, Port de la Cruz, 2010. It has been representative of the Autonomous Community of Canaries in the Technical Commission for the Quality of the Edificación (1998-2008). Member of the Board of Government of the Spanish Society of Mechanics of Rocks and of the International Society for Rock Mechanics. Scientific collaborator of the Institute Volcanológico of Canaries (INVOLCAN).

More than 15 years of experience in scientific and technical divulging of the Sciences of The Earth, organising and directing courses, days and congresses in the Canary Islands. Professor of the Master of Geological Engineering (University of Granada) from 7 years ago. More than 30 informative talks in Spain, Portugal and United Kingdom.


  • Director: Prof. Luis Bañon Blázquez

University of Alicante
School of Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering

  • Director attach: Prof. Juan Carlos Santamarta Cerezal

University of La Laguna (Tenerife)
School of Civil and Industrial Engineering


The following form of registration will have to present filled in the Administrative Office of the Department in the moment to formalise the inscription.
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  • Period of registration and matrícula: From Feb 16th to Feb 27th (included)
  • Person of contact: Pilar Palacios ( of 9.00 to 14.00 h.
  • Place: Office of the Department of Engineering of the Construction, Public Works and Urban Infrastructure. Building EPS-II, 1ª Plant. (See location)
  • Telephone of contact: 96 590 3707





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